Thursday, June 19, 2008


The first decade of the 21st century will be looked back as a defining decade in world history. A time when the power paradigm started shifting decidedly toward the east. A time when 3 billion people almost simultaneously had the monetary access to compete for the very limited resources of food and energy putting tremendous pressure on world markets and redefining affordability of basic luxury to an entire generation of the western world.
At this very time, America has decided to try out someone very different. The primary marathon is over and smart money bets that Barack Obama will be the new president of the USA.
Obama is something the world has never experienced in an American president. Not because he is a black man, but he was the most liberal senator in 2007, according to National Journal's 27th annual vote ratings. He is also predicted to be far more pacifist than any other president in living memory.
He is seen more as an appeaser who will try to peacefully find solutions by talking to all and sundry unlike his predecessor who in hindsight behaved like a trigger happy Texan.
The contrast between Bush and Obama cannot be starker. And this is the reason why many believe America is going through an identity crisis.
Where do we fit in?
We are no longer the driving engines of the world economy.
After Iraq, we are no longer the moral crusader of liberty.
NATO and the UN, the 2 most powerful world organizations of the 20th century, once dominated by America, are mere shadows of their peak.
It seems that the rest of the world is on steroids and is zooming past us, while we struggle to keep up with our mortgage payments and gas bills.

Coming to the question I want to ask.
Where to next?
What does the, at least 4 years of Obama presidency, mean?
What will be the future role of America in the changing geopolitical scenario?
How will America react to its diminishing role as the undisputed world leader, to be one of many leading countries competing for attention and influence?
And the MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION OF ALL, how are all these changes going to affect our everyday lives?

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