Sunday, April 20, 2008

Blogging vs. Facebook

I read a post today by Fred Wilson which talked about the topic at hand Wordpress VS. FACEBOOK. If he replaces wordpress by blogging, then I agree with a lot of observations that he makes about the platform and how instrumental Blogging in revolutionizing the web and forming WEB 2.0. I am not an authority on valuations or can claim that Microsoft (MSFT) has over-valued Facebook (which btw I do believe), but claiming that wordpress is more valuable than facebook is not digestible.

Fred bluntly puts that Blogging is for a mature audience and FB is for young folks, however, by its very nature, the blog posts & blogging sites are content storing houses, maybe in form content managers along with the blogger, but rarely act as a medium of conversation. Whereas, facebook is an evolution of blogging itself, just like tublr, youtube, podcasting etc., only FB has been able to make it so easy while making it cool and in the process assimilated a lot of services, from photo sharing (which it is the largest depository) to various platforms for sharing thoughts & everyday life's most simple things like what music 'iLike', Videos (like from YouTube or any other network), Wall posts 'Super Wall or Fun Wall'. Hence, FB gives the opportunity to have conversations in the simplest forms like we experience them in real life, rather than the involvement of writing blog posts to engage the readers. Blogging as I see it, an expression of any kind, be it in writing as citizen journalists on wordpress, or creating an edited video which is put on youtube, or maybe podcasting via itunes itself. FB has designed the medium to combine these and given the opportunity to developers to create many other small applications to personalize the conversations & make them true INTERACTIONS.

My position here is not act as a FB evangelist, but give it an equal ground. I thought that his post was one sided and wanted to see if other people agreed with him or not (like me). Also, in this process, read a book that I recommend, recently published by Haward Business Press, Groundswell: Winning in a world transformed by Social Media (the link for getting it from Amazon is below).

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