Monday, March 17, 2008

From a Friend to a Friend

Our times are increasingly complicated and tensed by our own undoings, among the actions of environment. However, in patching up existent holes we must not forget to not dig new holes, which will invariably be bigger and deeper than before. Our times indicate the fierce urgency of now. To same perusal it might actually be somewhat prudent to take a moment, breath a little, re-evaluate everything that we value in comparison to everything we should really be valuing.

Go back to basics and there is only where odds are acting in our favor to win a lottery, and nowhere else. Expenses are merely that: expenses, standards of yesterday, today and tomorrow must in all circumstance reflect a conservative ratio of our own fiscal capacities and not our perceived social, or for that matter real standings. Real social environment will value us for what we are, as much as for what we are not, but most importantly for what we have the potential to be.

From a real friend to a very real friend.

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